The design process. How we see it.

We can help you for every stage of the design process, depending on your needs.

At the initial stage you present your idea.
Before that we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for your protection.
At this stage we clarify the main concept with minimal technical details.
Here we clarify and write all the technical specifications for the project.
Even the minor points should be specified and documented in details.
We make our proposal according to the detailed technical specifications. The proposal contains the number of hours for every stage of the work and the price per hour. Every point of the proposal is reviewed and discussed with the client.
Flowcharts and descriptions of the used algorithms are made by a software engineer. The functionality is discussed with the client.

After the client accepts all the aspects of the proposal, a contract is made.
After the contract is approved and signed by the both sides, the work process begins.

A plan of the work process is made and assigned to the designers.
The software is implemented on evaluation board before the prototype is manufactured to speed up the process. The proper evaluation board must be chosen and purchased. A basic functional circuit diagram for every project module is created. Later this circuit diagram can be changed during the selection of the components.
After the implementation of every stage a careful review of the software is made and optimization and debug is performed. A simulation of the functional circuit diagram is made to ensure the proper functionality. The circuit diagram is adjusted according to the simulation.
When the prototype is manufactured, the software is transferred to it for testing and finalization. After the basic functional circuit diagram is finished and approved, the selection of components available on the market begins. A constant communication with the client is held to ensure the selection of the most appropriate components.
For every selected component, a schematic symbol and footprint is created according to componentís technical specification provided by the manufacturer.
The schematic needed for the PCB layout is created, reviewed and discussed with the client.
The PCB layout is made according to the previously created schematic. All the rules for ensuring Signal Integrity are taken into account.
Signal Integrity simulation is made for the critical blocks of the PCB. A special software is used for modeling and simulation.
All the previous design stages are reviewed once again to ensure the lack of errors. After successful review, a prototype is manufactured for further testing.
The software is loaded on the prototype. Test procedures are created to ensure to ensure correct and efficient testing. Every discovered bug and malfunction is carefully documented and corrected.
This stage is optional for the electronic devices. If the client plans to engage compliance testing for certification, this stage is recommended for ensuring the successful pass of the compliance tests later.
This compliance tests are made in a third party accredited laboratory. After successful pass of the compliance tests, a certificate is given for the device and a compatibility mark can be attached to the device.