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Home automation system

The project represents a home automation system, intened for domestic or industrial environments.
The system consists of the following modules:

  • MCU module
  • WiFi module
  • 2.4 GHz RF communication module
  • Bluetooth module
  • USB module
  • Real Time Clock module
  • Flash memory

The PCB was designed in Altium Designer.

The following picture presents the PCB of the prototype of the device.
All the modules are included in this PCB.

This is the PCB overview as designed in Altium Designer.

The following figure represents the PCB for a seperate control module, which includes 2.4 GHz RF communication with the main station, 10A/250V relay for switching loads, energy measurement IC.

The following figure represents a relay control PCB with a switched-mode power supply 230V AC to 12V DC. The PCB is intended to be mounted in distribution boxes or small enclosures. It is intended to control loads and measure energy consumption remotely.

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