SEOTOASTER is the most advanced SEO CMS right out of the box - Here is a partial list of what SEO techniques seotoaster implements on your behalf.

  • Automatically aligns h1 tag to meta info when creating a page.
  • Automated alt tag generation based on images file name
  • Add/edit easily 301 redirects
  • Comprehensive smart deep linking system.
  • Automated links and deep-links modifications when target page URL changes.
  • Capability to create JavaScripted link silos with a point & click interface.
  • Attribute weight to pages to alter randomizing widgets.
  • Automated HTML site map, sitemap.xml, and news sitemap generation.
  • Automated Google shopping compliant product.xml feed creation.
  • Automated KML file generation for Google Earth and local application.
  • Robots.txt front end edition.
  • Page error "404 not found" front-end edition.
  • Easy-to-use moderated commenting system for articles with automated deep links.
  • Seamless integration with SEO Samba to centralize management for multi sites SEOand website marketing.

See a lot more information here

Seotoaster is a free product. The latest stable version of the application will always be downloadable at no charge at

Seotoaster makes it very easy for regular folks to edit their website. The toaster is also packed with tools for developpers such as:

  • On site template editor
  • Nested template capability
  • On site Javascript editor
  • On site CSS editor

You can build a site using any framework you like, or plain HTML. You can also download the Flexkit framework wich will make it even easier to build your websites. 

In addition, you have the freedom to access and modify the source code of seotoaster. You have the freedom to keep these modifications to yourself or improve the program by making your modifications available to the community.

You also have the freedom to redistribute copies of the program. seotoaster is released under GPL ver 3. It also uses a library called TinyMCE as a WYSWYG editor. TinyMCE is release as part of this seotoaster package under a GPL license. Thank you to the folks at Moxiecode for their powerful WYSIWYG editor.